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(Note: The following has been reprinted from a handwritten notebook of Mildred Busk's which was given to her children and which was brought to a Busk family reunion June 19, 1994, in Brookings, SD, by Pastor Richard Busk. I have a copy of the original book. Rachel Hansen)

Dave Busk - graduated from 2 year Civil Engineering course in March of 1925 at Ames, Iowa. He left then to Pierre, SD, where he was employed as a draftsman. Raised to Res. Engr. and transferred to Winner in 1933, transferred to Mitchell in 1946, made acting engineer in 1947 and later that year District Engr. Made Ass't Construction in Pierre in 1955 and later that year Utilities Engr for the State. Retired in July of 1960 at 65.

Thought I'd write personal items of the family trees and things that has happened and many of the stories are hearsay but will try to write some. You all have the family tree of David V. Busk in your book received at the Busk Reunion.

Dad has told many stories about happenings. Seems like Kristian - Christian Hansen (Busk) was born on a farm on Busk way or region, Denmark. There were three houses. There were two sisters Lisbeth(?) and Margretta. Kristian or Christian the only boy - who according to custom was to inherit the farm. But should take care of his mother and sisters until the latter married. It seems the father was wealthy because he owned property and said to have loaned money to the King "Kristian" and also was 2nd or 3rd cousin. They say all of the Danes are related to the King, probably just a saying. Also, seems the Mrs. Larsen who immigrated to Westbrook was a 1st cousin or 2nd cousin, some relation to Grandpa Busk (Christian).

There was a custom in Denmark, that a bride was picked for Christian, who was wealthy, but he rejected this because he was in love with his little Sweetheart, Ane Kristine, and refused the requested marriage.

In 1882, he left home and emigrated to Amboy, New Jersey, United States. He worked in a factory for a year saving his money, when he sent money for his Sweetheart in Denmark. It is said Ane Kristine's mother would not allow her to go to America without a chaperone so her brother came along. Ane was supposed to make her wedding dress enroute on the ship, but she was so fond of the children on the boat, she played and took care of many so she didn't finish her wedding dress.

Christian and Ane Kristine were married at Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Eventually, they journeyed to Westbrook, Minn. where they "proved" up on 80 acres which was all the land they could get. They built a sod shanty, I suppose a house was built later. There, all eight children were born; Anna, Sophia, Henry, Alfred, Carl, David, Willie, and Myrtle. As they grew up, it was decided to move to South Dakota where they could get more land. In 1902, Christian took daughter Sophie (probably to cook), Henry, Alfred, and Carl by covered wagon together with all belongings and cattle and horses and (Anna stayed in Westbrook to keep house for Uncle Christopher and later married Ned Nelsen at Westbook in Nov. of 1904) stock to come overland to near Marvin, SD, in Roberts County - the town post office was Summit. Mother Ane Kristine, David, Willie, and Myrtle came via train in 1902. They acquired about one section of land called a tree claim - meaning they must plant trees.

Before that, back in Westbrook Father Hansen Busk had added Busk to his name, there being so many Hansens, the mail was always fowled up. So he added Busk to his name as he came from Busk County or township or region in Denmark. Also he took out his immigration papers and became a citizen in 1892. A shed was built to live in while the house was built. Mother Busk was about 5 ft (100 lbs) tall and Father about 6-2 or 4 and weighed 180 lbs. Very muscular and strong, also quite stern. With the older boys to help, they built barns and had many sheep which were raised to feed on the rocky hills surrounding. This was also near "Busk" Lake, originally Twin Lakes, so the boys enjoyed good fishing in summer and trapping and skating in winter. The boys growing were paid for any chores as milking and herding cows when in their early years, but father Busk taught and encouraged them how to save their money. This equipped them to live comfortably all their lives, as the children grew and were married.

It seems they were far from churches, Summit in Roberts county was 4 miles north west, and Marvin Grant County was east a few miles. The mail came to Summit and considered the hometown. Other settlers gathered at the Busk home to worship God together, these people being Danes, Swedes and Norwegians came. Much singing of Scandinavian hymns were sung, the question asked was "where's David to lead us." He being 5 or 7 years old was set up on a stool to sing. The fellowship with God was wonderful and with each other so satisfying. The children grew, and in time planned a life of their own. Sophie in later teens was interested in Lars, a young immigrant from Denmark. He came to the Busk homestead and being young, dressed in the latest style, a long fur coat that reached near the ground. The mischievous young boys played and teased the sheep, the buck, especially, in the long sheep barn. When the boys saw Lars standing in his fine coat, they opened the door and let the buck see him. After one look, Mr. Buck with his head lowered, run forward and butted Lars from behind knocking him down. It was said that was once father Busk laughed. However, it wasn't so funny when he (father) was attacked, and later bade the boys to quit teasing the buck.

There was another time when Lars was bragging about his strength. Father B. said he bet he could take Lars by the collar in one hand and a bucket of water in the other and lift both with arms outstretched, which he proceeded to do, much to Lars discomfort!

Anne and Ned were married in 1905 and came from Westbrook to start life on a quarter of land given from father Busk. Also, Sophie and Lars were married and settled on another quarter. However, they weren't quite satisfied and sold out. Ned and Anne went back to Westbrook, Minn. Lars and Sophie bought a farm in Maryland (may have intended to buy farm) where they weren't satisfied and sold out and went to Denmark. That didn't work out either, so they came back and homesteaded on a section (more or less) west of the river at Dupree, So Dak. There they raised a family of seven and lived until they retired around 1940 to Milbank. Children Daisey (died 1942), Howard, Geo, Ernest.

Anne and Ned raised 12 children except for Betty Ann who died of ruptured appendix at age of 5 (Amy, Ethel, Leslie, Lloyd, Vivian, Irene, Nina, Donald, Ardis, Vera, Betty Ann, and Jimmy).

Henry married Mary Matsen about 1911 and lived near father and mother Busk just across the field. They had 3 boys - Harold, Norman, and Elmer.

Alfred married Hannah and finally settled in Michigan. They had 6 living children - LeRoy, Arlo, Eugene, Florence, Faith, and Donald.

Then came Carl and Esther (Sorenson) 1913 and their family who lived on the Busk farm. Grover, Alice, Rose, Dorothy, Gladys, Velma, Robert, Marlo, Marlys, and 3 babies died.

David Victor Busk next married Mildred Holm, July 9, 1926, 4 children - Helen, Bob, Junie, Dick.

Wm. Busk married Rachel Braden in May 1919, had 4 children, Goldie, Mavis, Bernis, and Bill Jr.

Myrtle married Elvan (Snip) Fransen and had 2 children, Crissie and Charles (Chuck).

Things went well on the farm with father and mother Busk until 1913 when father became ill with heart condition and asthma and kidney complications. Mother and father and Myrtle spent a winter in Oregon and came home to pass away in Sept 2, 1913. He was buried at Summit cemetery. Mother Busk lived a while on home place. When Carl came to live on the farm and then mother on to Summit where she lived with Myrtle who worked in Tele office. She passed away April 7, 1923.

Willie bought the home place after Carl moved and now lives in Milbank. He sold (home place) to Norman Busk (Henry's) and then sold (the Busk farm) to outside people.

Myrtle and Snip Fransen were married in 1923; they lived on Santos place until they bought a farm south of South Shore, SD. Crissie and Chuck were born to them. Snip passed away in later years and Myrtle sold the farm and moved to Watertown where she bought a duplex and Myrtle lives in one and Crissie in the other. Chuck lives on a farm east of Watertown.

Mother Busk died in 1923 and buried beside Father B.

Ned and Anne moved into Westbrook and Lloyd and Ellen moved on the farm. The folks passed away, Ned lived to be in late 90s. Sophie and Lars moved from Dupree and lived in town at Milbank, Lars died suddenly when he was 75. Sophie kept house for Howard and George until she passed away. All the children, Anne, Sophie, Henry, Alfred, Carl, David, and Bill have gone to Heaven. Myrtle and Mildred remain as the only two of that generation.

(No date is given as to when this was written. On the last page was a list of Danish relatives)

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