A Brave Cavalryman

Death of Comrade COOPER,
4th Ohio Cavalry

Comrade F. B. ALLEN, Past Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, G.A.R., Hartford, Conn., and Vice President of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, sends us the following letter, the result of an inquiry relative to the death of the company's Chief Inspector at the Cincinnati office. It is a tribute to a good soldier and a splendid citizen, which we are glad to reproduce:

"Mr. W.R.C. CORSON, Assistant Secretary, Hartford, Conn.

"Dear Sir: In reply to your letter that was handed to me by Mr. GLEASON, will say I became acquainted with Mr. B. F. COOPER as a boy of 10 or 12 years of age, when he moved with his parents from Kentucky to Cincinnati, within a block of my home, and I was intimate with him up to the time when we enlisted as privates in the 4th Ohio Cav. on or about the 19th day of August, 1862, in Co. L.

"We were bunkmates from that time for over two years, and participated in every engagement that the 4th Ohio Cavalry was in until the close of the war. I was detailed at headquarters, which separated us during the later part of the war, but we were together just the same nearly every day. His father also enlisted in the same regiment and company, and called us 'his boys', and looked after our interests as a father would up to the time when he was mortally wounded riding side by side with us.

"I can truthfully say that a braver soldier never stepped in shoe leather than B.F. COOPER: always ready for any duty that he was called upon to do by his superiors, never on the sick list, but always ready for duty.

"To give a full history of his life during the war would be too much for you to consider, and I will relate only one instance that came under my personal observation to convey to you some idea of his bravery and loyalty, and yet at the same time his always appreciation of right and justice to his fellow-man.

"During the battle of Selma, Ala., almost the last engagement we were in before peace was declared, our regiment was among the cavalry forces to attack the enemy in their fortifications at Selma. When the order was given to dismount and prepare to fight on foot, Mr. COOPER was one of the cavalrymen who charged the breastworks near the entrance into Selma, when he went down into the ditch in front of the fortification after the enemy had vacated the breastworks, and with the exception of one brave Confederate, who remained in the fortification to fire the last gun, Mr. COOPER, without any more ammunition for his carbine or revolver, went up the embankment and thru the porthole, and captured the brave Johnny who fired the last shot from the gun. When one of our command, less thoughtful or just, remarked to Mr. COOPER, 'Let us do away with the Johnny,' Mr. COOPER said: "This man is my prisoner, and I propose to take care of him, and if you harm him you will do it over my dead body."

"And so on I might relate many brave acts of his during our army life. We both received an honorable discharge in June, 1865; came home to Cincinnati, where I had been intimate with him up to the time of his sudden death.

"When I received a letter from him, dated Oct. 31, 1911 (a copy of which Mr. GLEASON informs me he has forwarded you), I had scarcely finished reading it in my office when I received a telephone message from the Coroner's office asking me to come and claim his remains.

"Mr. COOPER married soon after returning home from the army, and lived happily with his wife and two sons, Cassius G. and Frank P., until the death of his wife, which occurred about six years ago. At the time of Mr. COOPER's death he was residing on Price Hill, Cincinnati, O., with his son Frank, Cassius being located in Chicago. Respectfully yours -- John A. PITTS, President, 4th Ohio Cavalry Association, Cincinnati, O.

National Tribune
Washington, D.C.
Thursday, April 25, 1912.
p. 3.

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COOPER - Benjamin F. COOPER, suddenly Wednesday, November 1, 1911. Due notice of funeral will be given.

Cincinnati Enquirer
Thursday, November 2, 1911

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COOPER - Benjamin F. COOPER suddenly Wednesday noon. Funeral from Israel Ludlow Post Hall, Northside, Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Comrades of Fourth Ohio Cavalry will please attend without further notice.

Cincinnati Enquirer
Friday, November 3, 1911

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