I was born Oct 1 - 1901 to Mr. & Mrs. Wm A. Harphant, in Springfield Ohio. Lived there until I was 3 or 4 years old. Then moved on the Martin place just south of Springfield. My Daddy worked as a huckster for my Aunt Fannie & Uncle Bill. We moved then to the Brickle farm just north of Jamestown. When we were called back to take care of my Grandmother, who was dying of cancer. My Grandmother died when I was 6 years old. I started my schooling at Peacock School where my father attended when he was a little boy. I had then two younger brothers, Charlie then Bob. Eleven years later my sister Dorothy was born which made me eleven years older than she was. In 1917 my brother Albert was born, then Harvey, Kenneth, Ruby, Fannie & Harold. My oldest brother was 6 weeks old when he died. I have since lost my brother Kenneth and my sister Fannie. On Mar. 3 1920 I was married to a very wonderful man Frank Pitts COOPER from Price Hill in Cincinnati. From our marriage 4 girls and 1 son was born. Thelma born Dec 28, 1920 and Greta Mae Jan 4 born 2 years and 1 weeks later, Anna Lucille 18 months later (June 28). On May 1 our Son was born in Xenia then 5 years later in Clifton our last Daughter Dorothy was born July 24. From this marriage our oldest Daughter Thelma has two children Bobby who will be 27 years old this Oct 1970 and Sue Ann 24 years this 1970. Our next Daughter has 3 children Connie Mae 24 Oct 15, Kathy 20 July 15 and Rickie 14 Sept 18. Our next Daughter has 3 children Timothy 23 July 7, Teresa who will be 21 Aug 6 and Cynthia who will be 17 in July 21. Next our Son who has Gary Lee 19 and Pamela 15, next Steven 7 born in Nov, then Carol born Dec 28. Next our last daughter who has 4 children one Son Raymond, Lou Ann, Susan then Elizabeth. I have 4 Grandchildren. My father was Wm Alfred Harphant. My Mother was Viola Cline Huffman. My father was an orphan as his mother died when he was born. People by the name of Weakley took him out of the home was very young. He was not adopted by them. My husband died Fri Aug 26 - 1966. My father died Sept 25 - 1964.

Copied from a letter written by Anna Mae HARPHANT COOPER
Original is in the possession of her daughter,
Copied 13 September 1985.

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Anna Mae COOPER's Bible

My daddy died Fri. Sept 25 - 1964 at 8:05 pm and buried Mon. Sept 28 - 1964 at 2:00 pm. He died of a ruptured appendix caused by cancer. He was in the hospital almost 1 week, just about.

My mother died on June 1952. Mother's maiden name was Viola HUFFMAN, daughter of Al HUFFMAN and Anna Mae CLINE.

Kenneth died in 1944. Fannie died in 1960. Bro Harry died Dec 16, 1973.

Bible was presented to Anna Mae COOPER
by Elmer and Dorothy STOUT on Christmas of 1955.

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