Declaration for Widow's Pension
(Act of April 19, 1908)

Cynthia A. Hayslett, age 69, of Clifton (Greene County) Ohio filed on 24th of January 1916 "for the purpose of being placed on the pension-roll of the United States under the provisions of the act of April 19, 1908." She stated that she was the widow of Edward W. Hayslett who enlisted on the 25th of December 1861 as a Private in Company E, 74th Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was honorably discharged June 16th 1862, and died January 17th, 1916. She was married under the name of Mrs. Cynthia A. Wagner to Edward W. Hayslett on the 17th of April 1881 by Rev. John Mose at Clifton, Ohio. Her first husband was divorced from her, March 12th 1881, name of former husband was George Wagner. Edward W. Hayslett's first wife died August 18, 1867. She had not remarried since the death of Edward W. Hayslett. There were no children of the soldier under sixteen years of age.

Statement on file from Edward W. Hayslett: I "was born in Rockbridge Co. Virginia, April 12th, 1827." "I inlisted in the 10th batery of Ohio Artilery and was transfered to the 74th Ohio Regmet of Inft & was organised at Columbus." Post office at enlistment: Clifton (Green County) Ohio on Dec. 24th, 1861. Wife's name: "Cynthia A. Hause, now, Hayslett. Married on April 17th, 1881 by Rev. John Mose, Paster of Baptist church. Marriage record at the Xenia, Ohio, Recorder's Office." "I was previously married on Jan 31st, 1850, at Clifton, Ohio, to Elizabeth Morris by Rev. Moses Russel and she died of consumtion on Aug. 18th 1868." "My wife was once married before and devorced from him but I have no record of any of it and can not get any and he is dead long ago, his name was George Wagner, never rendered any military cirvice." "I am still living with her and expect to until death parts us." Children: "Marion born May 18th 1878; Robert born July 24th 1880; Ole B. born April 3rd 1882; Jennie L. born November 9th 1884 - my former children was born Margret E. born December 29th 1850 dead now; William A. was born Oct. 19th 1852 living; Henry was born Jan 5th 1855 living; Samson died in infancy; James M. was born August 1st 1860 dead. This is good statement as I can make let it suffice."

Edward W. Hayslett
filed March 23 1915

Cynthia A. Wagner & Edward W. Hayslett were married on 17th April 1881 by Rev. John Mose, Greene County, Ohio.

Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate
Greene County Marriage Records, #7,
p. 315.

Edward William Hayslett, born April 12, 1827, in Virginia, died January 17, 1916, of pulmonary ademia with contributing chronic intestitial nephartis, in Clifton, Miami Township, Greene County, Ohio, at age 88 years, 9 months, and 5 days. Occupation given as wagon maker. Father: William Hayslett born in Virginia; mother Sarah Rickett also born in Virginia. Information supplied by Oli Hayslett. Buried in Clifton, Ohio, on January 19, 1916. Undertaker: Littleton & Sons of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Copy of Death Certificate

Cynthia was receiving a pension of $30 per month at the time of her death on December 3, 1924.

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Military Records

Enrolled or mustered in December 25, 1861 at Clifton for 3 years. Company descriptive book: age 34; height 5 feet 10 inches; dark complexion; blue eyes; dark hair. Born Rockbridge, Virginia. Occupation farmer. Enlisted December 25, 1861, at Clifton by C.S. Woley. Deserted from Camp Chase, April 17, 1862.

On August 6, 1886, the charge of desertion of April 17, 1862, against Edward W. Hayslett was removed under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved July 5, 1884, (Adjutant General's Office, War Department, Book mark: 4044-6-1882). He was absent without proper authority from April 17th, 1862, to June 11, 1862, when he was admitted to Post Hospital Camp chase, Ohio, diagnosis not stated, and discharged on Surgeon's certificate of disability at Columbus, Ohio, June 16, 1862.

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