William WHITE/Susanna

Husband: William WHITE (W300)
Born: at: , , , England Married: at: Died: 3 MAR 1621 at: Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA Father: Mother: Other Spouses:
Wife: Susanna ( 000)
Born: at: , , , England Died: BEF 1675 at: Marshfield, , MA Father: Mother: Other Spouses:
Name: Resolved WHITE Born: 1615 at: Married: 5 NOV 1640 at: Scituate, Plymouth, MA Died: at: Spouses: Judith VASSAL
Name: Peregrine WHITE Born: DEC 1620 at: Provincetown, , MA Married: at: Died: 20 JUL 1704 at: Marshfield, , MA Spouses:


William and Susanna (----) WHITE left England with son Resolved and servants William HOLBECK and Edward THOMPSON. At Cape Cod, on 11 November 1620 (O.S.) William was one of the forty-one signers (the Eleventh Signer) of the Mayflower Compact. Two to three weeks later son Peregrine was born, the first white child born of English parents in New England. Edward THOMPSON died on board the Mayflower in Cape Cod harbor on 14 December 1620. William HOLBECK died in the first sickness at Plymouth in the spring of 1621. William WHITE also died in the first sickness on 3 March 1621.

After the death of her first husband, Susanna married Edward WINSLOW on 22 May 1621, the first wedding in the new Plymouth Colony. Edward WINSLOW's first wife, Elizabeth BARKER, had died at Plymouth on 3 April 1621. The period of mourning was short as the perils of the surroundings compelled the union of families for protection and safety. At least four children were born to Susanna and Edward WINSLOW.

About 1638, the WINSLOW's with young Peregrine and Resolved WHITE, moved to Green Harbor, now called Marshfield. Edward WINSLOW rose to prominence as Governor of Plymouth Colony. He spent the last six years of his life in England and died in Barbados in 1655. It is believed that Susanna remained in New England during this time but no further record of Susanna has been found. She must have died before 1675 when her son Josiah WINSLOW made no proviso for her in his will. It seems strange that this woman who was the wife of one colony governor and mother of another, the first colony bride and the mother of the famed Peregrine WHITE, should have left no record of her passing in town, church, court or press.

Little is known about Pilgrim William WHITE. He was probably born in England. For many years genealogists have assumed that Pilgrim William WHITE spent his early married years in Holland, marrying in Leyden in 1612 and burying children there in 1615 and 1616. A critical examination of Leyden sources casts heavy doubt on this assumption. Before 1620 there are five mentions of a William WHITE in Leyden, but no proof that they apply to the Pilgrim. They may all apply to the William WHITE who was still living there in 1621. The marriage in 1612 is between William WHITE and Anna FULLER, not Susanna. But WHITE's wife is always called Susanna in New England. Perhaps it was not just coincidence that the WHITE - FULLER marriage in 1612 was witnessed by Sarah PRIEST, and that she in turn had a William WHITE as a witness at her 1621 marriage. Perhaps Pilgrim WHITE was not involved in either case.

Susanna was not the sister of Dr. Samuel FULLER as is often claimed. The only positive clue to Susanna's ancestry seems to be a letter from Edward WINSLOW to 'Uncle Robert JACKSON' in 1623, in which he sent news of Susanna, her late husband, and her children. He also sent his regards to his father-in-law in England, by which time Robert FULLER (Samuel FULLER's father) had been dead for nine years.


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