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Following is a list of the major documents that appear on this site (other than family group sheets). The first column has a link directly to the document. The second column has the actual file name. The third column has a link to the page on which the link to the document appears. Note: Sometimes the document is referenced on more than one page. I've tried to link it to the page that it has the most relevance to rather than try to link it to every page that references it. (This page is currently under construction and will likely change in both content and format several times before it is done.)

This is my life by Amy Benson b525-001.pdf fam00050.html
Anton Benson in Murray County History Book b525-007.pdf fam00050.html
Church obituary - Anton Benson b525-008.pdf fam00050.html
Obituary - Christian Hansen Busk b200-003.pdf fam00023.html
Obituary - Anna Christina (Hansen) Busk b200-004.pdf fam00023.html
1900 Census - Christ H. and Anna C. Busk b200c1.pdf fam00023.html
Busk Family Biography by Myrtle Busk Fransen b200-002.pdf fam00023.html
Busk Family Biography by Mildred Busk b200-005.pdf fam00023.html
Death Certificate - Frank P. Cooper c160-003b.pdf fam00007.html
Newspaper Obituary - Frank P. Cooper c160-003a.pdf fam00007.html
Marriage Record of Frank Pitts Cooper and Anna M. Harphant c160-003d.pdf fam00007.html
Birth Records of Frank P. Cooper’s Children c160-003c.pdf fam00007.html
Newspaper Obituary - Anna Mae Cooper c160-004.pdf fam00007.html
Newspaper Obituary - Frank Cooper, Jr. c160-012.pdf fam00007.html
Church Obituary - Frank Cooper, Jr. c160-005.pdf fam00007.html
Life of Anna Mae Harphant Cooper c160-006a.pdf fam00007.html
Anna Mae Cooper’s Bible c160-006b.pdf fam00007.html
Thelma Cooper’s Bible c160-007.pdf fam00007.html
Death Certificate - Benjamin F. Cooper c160-010d.pdf fam00025.html
Death Certificate - Susan Cooper c160-010f.pdf fam00025.html
Graves Registration Card - Benjamin F. Cooper c160-010e.pdf fam00025.html
Death Notice (newspaper) - Benjamin F. Cooper c160-002b.pdf fam00025.html
Newspaper Article - Benjamin F. Cooper c160-002a.pdf fam00025.html
Military Discharge Papers - Benjamin F. Cooper c160-010a.pdf fam00025.html
Civil War Pension File - Susan Cooper c160-010b.pdf fam00025.html
Marriage License - Benjamin Cooper and Susan Grindle c160-010c.pdf fam00025.html
Cemetery Deed - Benjamin F. Cooper c160-010g.pdf fam00025.html
Enos Cooper Civil War Records c160-011m1.pdf fam00686.html
Civil War Pension File - Rachel Cooper c160-011m2.pdf fam00686.html
Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 1866. Battles of the Fourth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. c160-011m3.pdf fam00686.html
Biography - Richard Dent d530-001.pdf fam00048.html
Biography - James S. Dent (1907) d530-002a.pdf fam00048.html
Biography - James S. Dent (1894) d530-002b.pdf fam00048.html
Obituary - Jean Dent d530-003.pdf fam00048.html
1860 Census - James S. DENT m560c6.pdf fam00048.html
1850 Census - Helen DENT with her mother m560c5.pdf fam00047.html
Obituary - John P. Frank f652-003c.pdf fam00006.html
Obituary - Mary L. Frank f652-003d.pdf fam00006.html
Death Notice - Robert F. Frank f652-003b.pdf fam00006.html
Obituary - George P. Frank f652-002a.pdf fam00024.html
Obituary - Jennie Frank f652-003a.pdf fam00024.html
Obituary - Herman Frank f652-002b.pdf fam00024.html
Obituary - William V. Frank f652-002c.pdf fam00024.html
Military Records - George Peter Frank f652-006.pdf fam00024.html
Descendants Of Jacob And Eva (Boone) Funderburgh (Laura Harphant) h615-001f.pdf fam00664.html
Death Certificate - William Alfred Harphant h615-001c.pdf fam00663.html
Death Certificate - Viola (Huffman) Harphant h615-001e.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - William A. Harphant h615-001a.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - William A. Harphant h615-001b.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - Viola Harphant h615-004.pdf fam00663.html
The Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War with Spain h615-001d.pdf fam00663.html
Marriage Kenneth Harphant And Dorothy Wolfe h615-005g.pdf fam00663.html
Marriage Albert Harphant & Mable Dinnen h615-005b.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Miscellaneous - Albert Harphant h615-005a.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - Robert Harphant h615-005f.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - Kenneth Harphant h615-005h.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - Albert Harphant h615-005d.pdf fam00663.html
Birth Records - Fannie Harphant and Harold Harphant h615-001g.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - Dora Mae Harphant h615-006.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - Harry J. Harphant h615-007.pdf fam00663.html
Newspaper Obituary - Edward William Hayslett h243-002a.pdf fam00666.html
Newspaper Obituary - Cynthia Hayslett h243-002b.pdf fam00666.html
Edward W. Hayslett - History of Greene County, Ohio h243-002c.pdf fam00666.html
Military Records - Edward W. Hayslett h243-003b.pdf fam00666.html
Declaration For Widow’s Pension - Cynthia Hayslett h243-003a.pdf fam00666.html
Death Record - Anna M. Huffman h155-002.pdf fam00665.html
Biography - Oliver Porter Minor m560-001.pdf fam00047.html
Obituary - Oliver Porter Minor m560-002.pdf fam00047.html
Obituary - Josephine Minor (Canton, SD, newspaper) m560-003a.pdf fam00021.html
Obituary - Josephine Minor (Aurelia, IA, newspaper) m560-003b.pdf fam00021.html
1850 Census - William and Maria Minor m560c4.pdf fam00047.html
1860 Census - Oliver and Helen Minor m560c7.pdf fam00047.html
1870 Census - Helen Minor m560c8.pdf fam00047.html
1880 Census - Oliver and Helen Minor m560c2.pdf fam00047.html
1885 Census - Oliver and Helen Minor m560c9.pdf fam00047.html
1885 Census - William and Kenah Minor m560c10.pdf fam00047.html
1885 Census - Charles and Alice Minor m560c13.pdf fam00047.html
1895 Census - Helen, William and Leila Minor m560c11.pdf fam00047.html
1900 Census - William and Cynthia Minor m560c1.pdf fam00047.html
1910 Census - William and Cynthia Minor m560c3.pdf fam00047.html
1915 Census - Helen Minor m560c12.pdf fam00047.html
Death certificate - William Richard Minor m560v001.pdf fam00021.html
Probate records - O.P. Richard Minor m560v004.pdf fam00021.html
Cemetery records - Oliver and Helen Minor m560v003.pdf fam00021.html
Marriage records - William Minor and Cynthia Whitman m560v002.pdf fam00021.html
County History - Jens and Sine Nelsen n425-01a.pdf fam00005.html
County History - Ned and Anna Nelsen n425-002.pdf fam00005.html
Birth certificate - Marian Irene Nelson s362v003.pdf fam00005.html
Affidavit by Peter Iversen n425-008a.pdf fam00005.html
Affidavit by Bertel and Lena Hansen n425-008b.pdf fam00005.html
Newspaper Article - N.P. Nelsen 50th Wedding Anniversary n425-010.pdf fam00005.html
Newspaper article - Long Lives The Nelsen Clan n425-011.pdf fam00005.html
Church obituary - Anna Hansine Busk Nelsen n425-005.pdf fam00005.html
Church obituary - Ned Nelsen n425-004.pdf fam00005.html
Obituary - Jens Nelsen n425-01b.pdf fam00005.html
Obituary - Sine Nelsen n425-01c.pdf fam00005.html
Newspaper obituary - Ned Nelsen n425-003.pdf fam00005.html
Death Certificate - Jens Nelsen n425v001.pdf fam00022.html
Death Certificate - Sine Nelsen n425v002.pdf fam00022.html
1885 Census - Jens and Sine Nelsen n425c01.pdf fam00022.html
1900 Census - Jens, Sine, and Ned Nelsen n425c02.pdf fam00022.html
1910 Census - Ned and Anna Nelsen n425c03.pdf fam00005.html
Birth certificate - Russell Miles Sturges s362v004.pdf fam00002.html
Marriage certificate - Russell Miles Sturges and Marion Irene Nelsen s362v005.pdf fam00002.html
Death certificate - Leila Loretta (Minor) Sturges s362v001.pdf fam00003.html
Death Certificate - Robert E. Sturges s362v002.pdf fam00020.html
Death Certificate - Barbara Ellen Sturges s362v003.pdf fam00020.html
Obituary - Russell Miles Sturges s362-005a.pdf fam00002.html
Obituary - Russell Miles Sturges s362-005b.pdf fam00002.html
Church Obituary - Marian Irene Sturges s362-006.pdf fam00002.html
Obituary - Miles William Sturges s362-002.pdf fam00003.html
Church Obituary - Leila Loretta (Minor) Sturges s362-003.pdf fam00003.html
Obituary - Robert E. Sturges s362-012.pdf fam00020.html
Obituary - Harrison Sturges s362-004.pdf fam00020.html
Newspaper Article (Senior Federation) - Irene Sturges s362-007.pdf fam00002.html
This Is Your Life written by Irene Sturges s362-001.pdf fam00002.html
1880 Census - Robert and Barbara Sturges s362c01.pdf fam00020.html
1900 Census - Robert and Barbara Sturges s362c02.pdf fam00020.html
1910 Census - Miles, Leila, and Russell Sturges s362c04.pdf fam00003.html
1910 Census - Robert and Barbara Sturges s362c03.pdf fam00020.html
Hills-Howe-White-Mayflower relationships mayflower.pdf